Olga Shiropaeva

I was born in Moscow. I have a passion for photography for
many years. In 2003 I graduated from Academy of Classical Photos in Moscow. I am a member of Creative Union of Proffessional Artists (Russia), Moscow Artistic Union "Metropolis", Corporation "Photopodium" (USA), Association "Art of Insperation" (USA). I take part every year about 20 international and
russian photo exhibitions. In 2009 I had personal photo exhibition in New York (USA).
Now I live in Czech Republic in Karlovy Vary.
I like different genres, but especially street photography. Olga Shiropaeva
By profession a programmer.
Position: senior manager of LLC "CAP Moselektro"
Member of the Creative Union of Professional Artists (TSPH)
A member of the League of art and culture,
Member of International Club «ART of Inspiration» (USA), a member of the Corporation Photographers «PhotoPodium» (USA)
Volgograd 21.09.2008g.-21.10.2008g.
Vorkuta-24.11.2008g. 24.12.2008g.
Washington DC (USA) 13.12.2008g.-31.12.2008.
Moscow (Central House of Arts) 11.02.2009g.-21.02.2009g.
New York City (USA)-19.04.2009g. 17.05.2009g.-Personal.
g.Moskva.Mosk.muzey of Modern Art, Tver, July 9-August 2009.
St. Petersburg, Gallery Center. Books and Graphics, Foundry-55, July-August 2009.
St. Petersburg, "Ay-Bee Group" Tolstoy-7, August 2009.
Kolomna, 18.11.2009g.-31.11.2009g.
g.Kopengagen, Denmark, 18.11.2009g.-24.11.2009g.
Washington DC, USA 05.12.2009g.-22.12.2009.
Moscow (NATI) 10.04.2010g.-10.05.2010g.
Severomorsk, 22.05.2010g.-03.06.2010g.
New York, USA, 26.06.2010g.-26.07.2010g.
St. Petersburg, Foundry-55, Centre Gallery Books and Charts, 14.09.2010g.-28.09.2010g.
Novosibirsk State Art Museum, Sverdlov, 10,
Moscow, HHS 'belief in Russia, "24.01.2011g.-27.01.2011g.
Irkutsk, Exhibition Hall of the House of Cinema, 18.04.2011g.-02.05.2011g.
Moscow, Central House of Arts, 17.04.2011g.-05.05.2011g.
Moscow, Jewelry House "Aesthete" "Faith in Russia" 22.04.2011g.
Moscow, Russian Academy of Arts "Wednesday obitaniya.Chelovek and Architecture"
Moscow, Exhibition "Hammer and Sickle", Moscow League of art and culture "Metropolis", Museum and Exhibition Center "Worker and Collective Farm Girl" 16.11.2011g.-26.11.2011g.
Moscow, Russian annual open the project "Best of Russia"
Exhibition of works by winners of the SRC "Winery"
victory in the "People."
Moscow, HHS 'belief in Russia "
24.01.2012g. - 24.02.2012g.
1st place in category "Professionals"
Tel-Aviv, Israel.
GEO "Isrageo" International Competition "My discovery of Israel"
3rd place.
Dzerzhinsk, the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) 3rd International Photo Contest "COAST"
3rd place (Bronze FIAP)
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