Dina Bova

I was born in Moscow at 1977 and came to Israel with my parents when I was 13 years old. Since then, Israel is my home, which I love and respect.
I love this young country because of it's diversity, resourcefulness and innovation, temperamental people, beautiful nature, ancient history and art.

I am an artist and I believe in friendship through art. I believe that art is a universal language, which unites people from different cultures around the world.
For me, art is the shortest way from heart to heart...
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Lesznek Bujnowki

My name is Leszek Bujnowski.I was born in 1977 in Poland. My biggest passion is photography.Often uses the technique of digital manipulation. I'm fascinated by the possibility of interference in the world around us and making it. Photography accounted for most of my time is a great passion but also a great adventure that leads to the mysterious world.


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